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EOS printer gains better materials handling

Issue: December 2017

EOS M 290 EOS has upgraded the material-handling capabilities of its direct-metal-laser-sintering 3-D printer. The EOS M 290 features a 400-watt fiber laser and has a build volume of about 9.8 inches by 9.8 inches by 12.9 inches. It can be used to produce a wide range of parts, including mold components.

What’s new? The IPCM M pro material handling module. A vacuum pump moves any powder that was not fused during the building process out of the system and into the IPCM M pro, where it is filtered using inert gas at a rate of 265 pounds every 30 minutes. The door of the printer’s process chamber has coupling points to connect it with the IPCM M pro and material containers.

Benefits Simplified industrial 3-D printing and improved worker safety. The material-handling module quickly conveys material out of the printer, sieves it and returns it to the printer. This semi-automated, dust-free system reduces the risk of operator contact with the powder and involves fewer manual tasks, improving productivity and making it more user-friendly.

EOS of North America Inc., Novi, Mich., 248-306-0143, www.eos.info