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EDM systems from MC Machinery gain improved controls

Issue: March 2018

M800 Mitsubishi’s new control is offered with some models of its wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) units. Its 19-inch touch screen is easily adjusted, tilted or rotated for operator comfort, and enables users to swipe, pinch and tap to view graphics.

What’s new? The control, which offers improved graphics and greater capabilities, compared to earlier Mitsubishi models. The M800 currently is available on MV1200-S, MV1200-R, MV2400-S and MV2400-R Advance EDMs through MC Machinery Systems Inc., a Mitsubishi subsidiary.

Benefits Ease of use, easy-to-understand presentation of data, and the ability to produce molds and tooling with greater efficiency. For new or less-experienced operators, the control offers a checklist of all necessary operations before the machine can be started. Information can be monitored via Internet with the Remote 360 App.

MC Machinery Systems Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill., 630-616-5920, www.mcmachinery.com