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Pferd's carbon burs are high performance, flexible

Issue: August 2017

Titanium cut burs The latest high-performance carbide burs from Pferd are specially designed for machining titanium alloys with a tensile strength of greater than 72,500 pounds per square inch. Available with a cylindrical (top photo) or tree-style (bottom photo) radius end, the burs’ tooth geometry produces stock removal rates up to 60 percent higher than traditional cross-cut burs. There are two cutting head diameters — the 0.375-inch version is 2.5 inches long and can reach speeds of 14,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), while the 0.5-inch version is 2.75 inches long and can reach speeds of 12,000 rpm. Both versions have a shank diameter of 0.25 inch.

What’s new? The burs, which made their debut a few months ago.

Benefits High performance and flexibility. With a recommended cutting speed of 850 to 1,500 surface feet per minute, the burs are suitable for electric or pneumatic straight grinders and automated equipment.

Pferd Inc., Milwaukee, 262-255-3200, https://pferdusa.com