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New inserts from DMS and PCS offer more flexibility

Issue: February 2018

TGHL-1 and TGLL-1 I-mold, Erbach, Germany, has expanded its portfolio of Tunnel Gate High Level (TGHL) and Tunnel Gate Low Level (TGLL) inserts. The line of tunnel-gate inserts — also called cashew or banana gates — is suitable for use with a wide range of polymers and available in round and square options. The TGHL inserts are intended for gating from the inside or above the parting surface, while the TGLL types support gating below the parting line. In the U.S., I-mold is selling the inserts through DMS and PCS.

What’s new? Insert sizes for shot weights ranging from 0.5 gram to 5 grams. Previously, I-mold offered only larger sizes; that line is now known as TGHL-2 and TGLL-2.

Benefits Greater flexibility, over a range of molding applications. The inserts help molders optimize the sprue-to-molding volume ratio.
DMS Inc., Oldcastle, Ontario, 519-737-6743, www.dmscomponents.com

PCS Co., Fraser, Mich., 586-294-7780, www.pcs-company.com