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New insert blanks can be customized

Issue: January 2017

Z4870 & Z4871 Hasco’s new insert blanks can be customized by the user to mark plastic parts with times, dates or other symbols. Used in injection molds in cavity or core inserts, the stainless steel insert blanks are suited for very small installation spaces. The Z4870 inserts blanks, which are screwed in from the rear, have diameters from 4mm to 12mm and lengths from 14mm to 25mm. The Z4871 versions are designed for press-fit installation and range from 2.6mm to 12mm in diameter and have lengths from 4mm to 14mm. Prices range from $37.50 to $43.80 each.  

What’s new? The insert blanks, which Hasco introduced in October at the K show.

Benefits Simple, fast installation and long service life. The insert blanks can quickly be installed and removed while the mold is open and in the press.

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