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Mold gear unit from Meusburger features smaller teeth

Issue: August 2017

E 8630 gear unit This new gear unit from Meusburger ensures that both of the parting lines on a stack mold open and close at the same time. It features induction-hardened gear racks and gear wheels and comes in lengths of about 31.5 inches and 47.2 inches.

What’s new? The gear unit, which features a smaller tooth size than earlier products for more precise movement.

Benefits Synchronous mold movement and easy installation via milled pockets or dowel holes. Also, the device’s compact size makes it appropriate for use in injection molding machines that have small tie-bar spacing. The gear unit’s closed housing improves stability and user safety, and its diamond-like carbon coating on the gliding plate reduces wear, extending product life.

Meusburger US Inc., Charlotte, N.C., 704-526-0330, www.meusburger.com/en/us