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Meusburger's new high-temp hoses target clean rooms

Issue: September 2017

E 2187 Meusburger has added high-temperature hoses to its IsoTemp line of standard products for mold making. Used for regulation of mold temperature, the hoses convey the mold-cooling medium — either oil or water — in and out of the mold. The stainless-steel hoses are designed to withstand steam and temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be screwed directly into the mold or attached with a coupler. The E 2187 hoses are available in red and blue versions, and in stock lengths from about 1 foot to 8 feet, as well as custom lengths.

What’s new? The hoses, and their specially designed, Food and Drug Administration-compliant silicone sheath that makes them suitable for clean-room use. A version without a silicone sheath, E 21872, also is available.

Benefits Safety and flexibility. The sheath protects workers from burns and prevents damage to the metal hose, which has a bending radius of 50mm. Also, the stainless-steel construction prevents the formation of corrosion that could clog the hose.

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