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Meusburger offers gas springs for molds

Issue: November 2017

E 6350 This new line of gas springs from Meusburger can be used in injection molds for returning the ejector set, keeping slides in position or moving the third cavity plate. Meusburger offers the gas springs in three initial forces, which are indicated by color-coded rings.

What’s new? The initial forces. The gas springs are an extension of the Force product line, which is available in a wide range of initial forces. The three versions of the E 6350 provide initial forces ranging from 382 to 9,532 pounds.

Benefits A compact design and an active safety system that provides an automated, controlled and full pressure release if the maximum permissible stroke is exceeded. The safety system minimizes the risk of separation and ejection of pressurized parts. Also, gas springs provide advantages over compression springs, such as the ability to provide the same stroke and force in a much smaller space.

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