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Agathon centering system prevents misalignments

Issue: April 2018

Round fine centering system Agathon’s system uses precision rolling elements to achieve the fine centering of mold cavities of all sizes. It can be used in place of tapered locks or side locks, which can wear out quickly due to friction. In the case of shuttle molding, one roller cage assembly on the “A” plate is matched with two bushings on the “B” plate.

What's new? An iteration of the system designed to prevent misalignments involving especially small parts and short strokes. The new system ensures proper disengagement of the mold halves, avoiding risk of harming the parts.  

Benefits Precision and durability, allowing accurate clamping of injection molds. Agathon’s preloaded system guarantees precise centering with every stroke, even in applications where shuttle molds are used in automated assembly lines. Additionally, compared to other centering mechanisms, the system provides greater flexibility in tool design. Depending on the application, it can function for several million cycles.

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