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Accessories allow easy installation of springs

Issue: January 2017

Spring accessories Meusburger is offering new accessories for installing the springs used to allow specific movements in injection molds: The E 1549 spring cover and the E 15481 screw plug with collar. When used with a through hole, the spring cover eliminates the laborious process of threading a blind hole for spring installation; the cover also absorbs the entire force of the spring. The E 1549 is especially suited for installing the springs that are used in three-plate molds to ensure that sprues are removed before part ejection. For the E 15481 screw plug, the collar allows precise positioning of the screw plug, for easy installation of coil compression springs. The fine thread of the screw plug ensures low tightening torques.

What’s new? The accessories, which Meusburger recently introduced to the U.S. market.

Benefits Easy installation and adjustment of springs and spring packs.

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