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CNC's CAD/CAM software features enhancements

Issue: October 2017

Mastercam 2018 CNC Software has released a new version of its Mastercam CAD/CAM machining software, used to optimize the machining process for molds and tooling. Shown is the numerical control programming of a steering wheel mold using Mastercam 2018.

What’s new? Numerous enhancements. The company has added a stock-awareness feature for 2-D toolpaths, which provides a safer and improved tool motion. The software has a streamlined workflow for all 3-D high-speed toolpaths for more precise control of the cutting location. The new chip-break control function prevents problems when machining stringy materials such as aluminum.

Benefits Improved productivity, workflow, plane management and toolpath analysis. The software’s new set of turning strategies extends tool life and can increase productivity by more than 50 percent.

CNC Software Inc., Tolland, Conn., 860-875-5006, www.mastercam.com