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CAM software has recognition feature

Issue: December 2018

FeatureCAM 2019 Autodesk’s newest version of its well-established CAM software works on a wide range of machines, such as mills, lathes and wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) units. It automates the programming process for creating parts, such as mold plates, that require a machining motion in only two axes at a time to create them.

What’s new? The 2019 version, released in August. It offers directed feature recognition, which allows the user to select features that the software will recognize within a CAD drawing of a part, such as holes, bosses, sides and pockets. Setups are edited within the part view. Menu options, including set-up and dialog features, are easier to access. Selecting thread types to be machined is easier, as they are now grouped by family.

Benefits Ease of use. FeatureCAM 2019 automates many programming features, allowing operators to make parts faster and get consistent results without a high level of programming expertise.

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