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Bed mills feature touch-screen controller

Issue: December 2018

Trak DPM RX Southwestern Industries’ bed mills are suitable for creating molds. The full line of RX bed mills includes four models. The milling machines all have controls that can be operated manually or by two- or three-axis CNC machines.

What’s new? A redesign of the bed mills allowing their integration with the brand-new, touch-screen ProtoTrak RMX CNC controller (shown). The updated mills include brushless servomotors for faster and quieter operation.

Benefits Time-saving improvements. The new controller includes Enhanced ProtoTrak Assistance, a context-sensitive feature that offers diagrams, bulleted summary instructions, screen shots and videos to answer questions regarding troubleshooting. Adaptive tool paths employ the fastest path to remove material without redundancies, which reduces time and stress on the tooling.

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