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Workstation provides mobility

Issue: September 2018

Mobile workstation Apex Tool Group’s GearWrench brand launched its new mobile workstation for plant maintenance personnel. Its industrial-grade 6-inch PU locking casters can support up to 2,000 pounds and its heavy-duty 20-gauge steel frame is strong enough to allow a vice to be mounted on top.  With 11 drawers, a lockable side cabinet and nearly 11 cubic feet of storage space, it is designed to provide workspace and help maintenance personnel keep their tools organized. The workstation has a power strip with six 120-volt outlets and two USB ports, so that workers can charge tools and power their electronic devices.

What’s new? The workstation, which came out last month and is a new type of product for GearWrench, which primarily makes hand tools.

Benefits Durability and the potential for customization. With adjustable drawer dividers, a shelf suitable for spray cans and a pegboard panel, the workstation provides many options for customizable storage of tools, power cords, hoses and more. Additionally, the product features locking drawer pulls for safety.

Apex Tool Group LLC, Sparks, Md., 800-688-8949, www.gearwrench.com