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TSM introduces control system

Issue: June 2018

Lineview Line Management and Control This PLC-based, extrusion-control system from TSM offers a number of features, including layer-ratio control of up to 11 layers; gravimetric blending of as many as 12 components; yield control; order sequencing; roll, order and shift reporting; trending and history management; start-up and warm-up sequence control; alarm monitoring; and synchronized multi-drive speed control. It is compatible with all extruder suppliers that have STD communication protocol available.

What’s new? The system, which TSM is officially launching at NPE2018.

Benefits Industry 4.0 intelligence. Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the easy-to-customize system is 100 percent web-enabled and ethernet ready. It facilitates continuous, homogenous mixing; product consistency; faster product changes; and high-accuracy dispensing, even when dealing with as little as 0.01 percent of the batch.

TSM Inc., Marietta, Ga., 770-886-6630, www.tsm-controls.com