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TGA system from TA Instruments analyzes thermal stability

Issue: January 2018

Discovery HP-TGA 750 TA Instruments’ benchtop high-pressure thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) allows users to study the thermal stability and composition of plastics under a variety of temperature, pressure, time and atmospheric variables. Applications include product and process development, as well as lab research. It comes with a touch-screen control panel and the TRIOS software package for instrument control and data analysis.

What’s new? The unit, which the company says is the first benchtop high-pressure TGA.

Benefits Precise process simulation information, thanks to the high-pressure sample chamber and its fast heating and cooling rates. The higher resolution of the magnetic suspension balance allows for more accurate analysis of small weight changes and measurement of small samples compared to competitive units on the market.

TA Instruments, New Castle, Del., 302-427-4000, www.tainstruments.com