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System can measure big parts

Issue: July 2018

Cube-R Creaform’s new dimensional inspection system handles big parts measuring between about 3.3 feet and 9.8 feet in any direction. The automated quality-assurance system includes robot-mounted, structured-light 3-D scanners and an enclosed cell.

What’s new? The system, which debuted a few months ago at the Control trade show in Stuttgart, Germany.

Benefits Ease of use, speed and metrology-grade precision, with accuracy to within 0.078mm. Effective even with dark and reflective parts, as well as parts with complex shapes, the system can perform several hundred inspections in a day and employs an easy-to-use operator interface that requires little training. Measuring about 13.5 feet by 13.5 feet by 10.2 feet, it’s compact and inspection-ready upon delivery.

Creaform Inc., Lévis, Canada, 418-833-4446, www.creaform3d.com