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Surface winder adds front and reverse winding

Issue: May 2018

Automax-S Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.’s latest generation of surface winders provides state-of-the-art controls, simplified operation and high roll quality. The winders’ features including gap winding, reverse winding, zero-fold transfer, tapered pressure and tension control. They can handle a wide range of film thicknesses from 15 microns to 300 microns and are suitable for various high-barrier coextrusion and lamination applications. Standard models are available in 5-inch increments in width and in roll diameters of 40 inches and 50 inches. Another model, Automax-S-220, is available with reverse cutting.

What’s new? Innovations that allow front and reverse winding, straight cuts even with 20-micron film, and automatic loading with shaft extraction.

Benefits Reliable, fast cutting with minimum waste during roll changeovers. Automated handling of the heavy shafts means anyone who can lift 5 to 10 pounds (the maximum weight of a paper core) can operate the winder.

Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, 905-507-9000, www.macroeng.com