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Smart device from Tykma Electrox controls laser-marking unit

Issue: January 2018

Vereo Smart This new compact laser-marking system from Tykma Electrox is designed to be integrated into a production line or work cell and does not require an in-line or connected PC to operate. The Vereo Smart can be controlled via smart device; new program creation and advanced editing require a PC. It works on a variety of metals and painted and coated surfaces. It can be used with a variety of resins, including ABS, PE, PEEK, nylon, PP and PC.

What’s new? The ability to monitor and control the laser via a secure Internet connection from any web-connected device without installing software.

Benefits Optimized results tailored to each substrate. Its master oscillator power amplifier fiber laser (up to 50 watts) can adjust its pulse durations to optimize results for the substrate it is marking. It has a simple wizard to set up  connectivity to common PLCs such as AB and Siemens products. It includes a three-year comprehensive warranty.

Tykma Electrox Inc., Chillicothe, Ohio, 740-779-9918, www.permanentmarking.com