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Seaga's industrial vending unit has cloud management

Issue: December 2017

IIC SightGuard Seaga’s Intelligent Inventory Control (IIC) SightGuard is an industrial vending machine with cloud-based management software used to control the inventory of consumable items like personal protective equipment and maintenance supplies. Instead of inserting money, employees can choose items from the SightGuard by entering a security number into the keypad. An optional bar-code reader can be used with a facility’s existing security badges or building access cards to allow items to be dispensed.

What’s new? Cloud-based software and Internet of Things (IoT) responsiveness. All SightGuards in an organization can be integrated for better reporting and tracking.

Benefits The ability to forecast and reduce inventory levels by 50 percent or more and waste levels by 15 percent to 30 percent. Workers can access items as needed and the information is tracked in real time to monitor usage and inventory levels, while eliminating product loss and theft.

Seaga Manufacturing Inc., Freeport, Ill., 815-297-9500, www.intelligentinventorycontrol.com