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Scanlab software simplifies calibration

Issue: January 2018

3D Calibration Wizard Scanlab’s 3D Calibration Wizard software simplifies the complicated process of calibrating 3-D printers’ three-axis laser scan systems.  The software enables users to align a 3-D printer’s individual components one at a time. After each step, the software generates and automatically loads a customized configuration file that takes command of the alignment task before the next step is taken, reducing the number of potential errors. When the overall calibration process is complete, the software creates a system-specific correction file to optimize the calibration and positioning accuracy of 3-D printers.  

What’s new? The software, which was first introduced in November.

Benefits Precision, consistency and ease of use. When users put the results from all of the individual component tests into the final, comprehensive file, they can identify areas of improvement, as well as spot variation. In addition, the dialogue-driven software makes it easier for less experienced operators to calibrate a scan system.

Scanlab America Inc., St. Charles, Ill., 630-797-2044, www.scanlab.de/en