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Rotary head cleans parts using ionized air

Issue: January 2019

4900 Roto-Clean To combat dust, which can lead to costly part defects, the rotary head of Fraser Anti-Static Techniques’ 4900 Roto-Clean produces a stream of pulsating ionized air that removes static and blows off contaminants. Available in diameters of about 4.4 inches or 7 inches, it can be mounted on a robotic arm or in an array over a conveyor.

What’s new? Combined action. The pulsating airflow and static elimination can replace what is typically a two-stage cleaning process requiring ionized air guns and air knives. The product became available in the U.S. in November via Fraser’s U.S. distributor, Static Clean International.

Benefits Efficient cleaning. 4900 Roto-Clean’s pulsed air hits the product up to 240 times per second, blowing off dust from many angles. It effectively cleans crevices and bulky or complex shapes. The nozzles require no additional power source, while using less air — delivered at lower pressure — than air knives.

Static Clean International, North Billerica, Mass., 781-229-7799, www.staticclean.com