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Red Lion's interface systems provide improved software, graphics

Issue: December 2017

CR1000 and CR3000 Red Lion Controls has introduced HMIs for industrial automation and networking. Both feature the updated Crimson 3.1 software, with a library of more than 300 industrial drivers and drag-and-drop protocol conversion. Some models include real-time data logging and a web server for secure remote monitoring and control via PC, tablet or smartphone. The HMIs can be supplied by OEMs or purchased by plant managers for use with existing equipment.

What’s new? The two units and the new software version.   

Benefits Improved on-screen graphics, and screen sizes from 4.3 inches to 15 inches that allow use with a wide variety of existing equipment. The HMIs’ data-logging capabilities allow ongoing process improvements and troubleshooting. Also, added connectivity in the HMIs puts less burden on the system PLC, reducing complexity and cost. The HMIs are enclosed in rugged housings with high shock and vibration tolerance and have an IP66 rating against water intrusion. They can operate in temperatures from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Red Lion Controls Inc., York, Penn., 717-767-6511, www.redlion.net