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Portwell system gains more ports

Issue: November 2017

WEBS-13D1 Portwell, a maker of industrial computers, has introduced its WEBS-13D1 fanless embedded system. With an E3900-family Intel Atom processor, the WEBS-13D1 is especially suited for automation applications within plastics factories. It is suitable for use by OEMs or as a retrofit for current units. It is expected to ship toward the end of this year.

What’s new? Upgraded video output from the earlier WEBS-21DO model. Though still compact, the unit is large enough to accommodate three additional serial ports.  

Benefits A wider range of control capabilities. It offers dual 4K display interfaces and H.265 video decoding, and can operate across a wide temperature range.

American Portwell Technology Inc., Fremont, Calif., 510-403-3399, www.portwell.com