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Pick-it upgrades its vision system

Issue: September 2018

Pick-it This vision system from Pick-it is compatible with robots from a host of major manufacturers, including Universal Robots, ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa Motoman, Fanuc and Stäubli. When used in conjunction with a robot, the software/processor/camera package automatically detects the exact position, orientation and dimensions of products, such as plastic parts. In the U.S., a number of certified partners sell the Pick-it packages, which go for around $17,000.

What’s new? Version 1.9, which is compatible for use with robots that have arms with four degrees of freedom. Such robots are often used in pallet unloading.

Benefits Accurate, precise parts handling. The software includes upgrades that improve detection times and make possible simultaneous detection of multiple sides of an object, allowing the robot to recognize an object from any vantage point.

Pick-it N.V., Leuven, Belgium, 32-16-624-882, www.pickit3d.com