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Peel hand-held 3-D scanner supports reverse engineering

Issue: December 2017

peel 3d This hand-held 3-D scanner from peel 3d is useful for a variety of applications, including reverse engineering, product development and rapid prototyping. Using a white-light source, it can scan most items without any preparation, including plastic parts, metal castings, clay models, ceramics and painted parts. The device’s software has multiple export formats, allowing data to be exported directly to a 3-D printer or to other software for reverse engineering or 3-D modeling. The software provides all the tools needed to clean, improve, align and export 3-D scan data. For example, users can easily edit scan data to fill in areas that can’t be scanned, or remove areas that aren’t needed.

What’s new? The scanner, which began shipping in late October.

Benefits Professional-quality scanning at an affordable price. With no extra frills, the peel 3d is simple to use and costs $5,900.

peel 3d, Lévis, Quebec, 418-802-2448, www.peel-3d.com