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New hand-held welder from Forsthoff has ergonomic shape

Issue: December 2017

Oval-Q Solingen, Germany-based Forsthoff GmbH is offering its newest hand-held hot-air welder, the Oval-Q, which has an ergonomic oval shape. Suitable for welding all thermoplastics, it comes in two power ratings. Forsthoff’s distributor in North America is Abbeon Cal Inc.

What’s new? Ergonomic handle and a balanced motor for minimal handle vibration.

Benefits An efficient twin-turbine system, with airflow of 8.5 cubic feet per minute. Also, its weight (3 pounds), oval shape and decreased vibration combine to minimize user fatigue.

Abbeon Cal Inc., Ventura, Calif., 805-676-0720, www.forsthofftools.com