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NDC offering in-line web inspection units

Issue: May 2018

Web inspection NDC is offering a new line of in-line web inspection systems that instantly detect, classify, document and record all optical defects across a broad range of materials. The line includes several models, for handling clear and opaque plastic films, biaxial films and nonwoven products. The systems are integrated with high-resolution cameras, optics, lighting and high-speed software engineered by R.A.M. GmbH, Flörsheim, Germany, and identify problems in real time for rapid, precise display and analysis of defects such as bubbles, bumps, scratches, holes and specks.

What’s new? The inspection systems, which are debuting at NPE2018.

Benefits Automated quality control, a fast return on investment and low cost of ownership. The high-resolution systems provide 100 percent inspection of web surfaces, for defect-free end products. Also, they feature an easy-to-use operator interface and CMOS-based cameras that provide ultra-fast sampling rates and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

NDC Technologies Inc., Dayton, Ohio, 937-233-9935, http://www.ndc.com