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Monitoring system comes to US

Issue: May 2018

AnalytiX Netstal’s new cloud-based monitoring system provides remote oversight of injection molding operations. Users can monitor their Netstal injection molding machines at any time, regardless of location. AnalytiX automatically analyzes up to 60 different processes and machine conditions — such as cycle time, metering stroke and injection time — and can continuously audit power consumption per cycle. To use the monitoring system, machines must be equipped with the company’s iOT Ready Package, which consists of the Netstal Remote Support-Connect module and a Euromap 15 interface. It can be retrofitted on older machines. The machine’s internet connection can be either wired or wireless. AnalytiX is available as an app for iOS or Android mobile devices.

What’s new? The system, which will be available in the U.S. within the second quarter of 2018.

Benefits Improved efficiency. Users can recognize negative trends or performance deviations of individual machines at a glance. Also, all information is hosted in the secure Netstal cloud and is not accessible to third parties.

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