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Monitoring relays from Carlo Gavazzi offer motor protection

Issue: January 2018

DPA52 and DPB52 These new three-phase monitoring relays from Carlo Gavazzi protect motors, such as those used on extruders and blow molding machines, against various types of voltage faults on incoming power lines. Both protect against phase loss, which can cause a motor to overheat, and improper phase sequence, a significant event that can reverse a motor’s direction and cause catastrophic damage; the DPB52 (shown on the right) also provides protection against over- and undervoltage. Both models can be installed as original equipment or retrofitted by end users.

What’s new? The addition of the units to Carlo Gavazzi’s portfolio.

Benefits Protection against damage, downtime and operator injury. Also, with widths of just 17.5mm, the monitoring relays are compact.

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