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Microscan scanner helps users improve traceability

Issue: January 2018

LVS-9585 Microscan has debuted a handheld portable bar-code verification system that tests direct-marked parts and printed labels, including linear and 2-D bar codes, to ensure they meet application standards. It verifies readability, quality and data integrity and helps users comply with the Food & Drug Administration’s Unique Device Identification requirements for medical device labels. Powered by PC-based software, the system provides printed reports and a verification-testing data archive featuring both data exporting and a SQL database interface to integrate with a user’s quality-monitoring system.

What’s new? The system, which was introduced in October.

Benefits The ability to perform quality analysis and ensure compliance with national and international standards for marking and labeling.

Microscan Systems Inc., Renton, Wash., 425-226-5700, www.microscan.com