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L.S. Starrett debuts force testing systems

Issue: May 2018

L1 force measurement system Designed to improve production and quality-control testing, this entry-level, computer-based line of force testing systems from Starrett is suited for a variety of tasks, such as load-limit, time-average and duration testing. The L1 line includes systems for computer-controlled force measurement, digital force gauges, Starrett FMM digital force tester motorized test stands, manual test stands and load cell sensors. Tolerances can be applied for immediate pass/fail results, and raw data from the tests can be exported to Excel for reporting and analysis.

What’s new? All six models in the L1 line, which was introduced in January.

Benefits Space savings and ease of use. The machines in the L1 line have a small footprint to minimize space requirements, and feature simple, fill-in-the-blank templates that make them easy to operate.

L.S. Starrett Co., Athol, Mass., 978-249-3551, www.starrett.com