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Level sensor resists material buildup

Issue: August 2018

SmartBob BinMaster’s SmartBob level sensor continuously monitors the level of pellets, flakes, powders and resin colorants in large storage vessels. At predetermined intervals, the device drops a probe to the material surface, retracts it and calculates the distance from the top of the silo to the material surface. The SmartBob can be used in conjunction with the company’s BinView remote monitoring product, which allows users to share data with material suppliers to facilitate the scheduling of deliveries.

What’s new? A Teflon coating. Instead of the device’s standard steel spike bob, a Teflon-coated sphere is a new option for measuring materials that are sticky or prone to static cling.

Benefits Protection against material buildup. Materials that are sticky or staticky can build up on a conventional probe, making cleaning necessary. Also, accumulated powder can spoil over time or become a solid mass that could enter the production process, potentially leading to contamination. The Teflon-coated sphere protects against these build-up hazards.

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