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Level scanner gets improved software

Issue: June 2018

3DLevelScanner BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner sensors use acoustics-based technology to determine the level of bulk solids such as pellets and powders in various types of storage vessels, including large silos.

What’s new? Enhancements to the 3DMultiVision software. The software now can identify the center of gravity for the bulk solid, display it graphically and alert the user when it falls outside of parameters. It determines the coordinates of the center of gravity based on the topography of the material.

Benefits Improved safety. Uneven filling can place stresses on a silo’s structure that lead to cracking, denting, buckling or even a catastrophic collapse. Users can take early corrective action, such as cleaning the silo or aerating its contents, prolonging silo life and preventing potentially dangerous and expensive damage.

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