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KraussMaffei's MES software monitors injection molding plants

Issue: December 2017

MaXecution KraussMaffei’s new manufacturing execution system (MES) is designed for small injection molding companies. The software can facilitate the planning, control and monitoring of the entire production process by providing real-time data on overall equipment effectiveness, molds, machines and rejected parts. MaXecution comes in three versions: Basic, Basic Plus and Advanced. The Basic version is for collecting and evaluating machine and operating data. Basic Plus offers additional production-planning capabilities, while the Advanced version provides continuous quality control via the automatic analysis of process parameters. In addition to working with KraussMaffei injection molding machines, MaXecution can be connected to competitors’ machines via the Euromap 63 data exchange interface.

What’s new? The MES, which was introduced at Fakuma and will be available worldwide in March.

Benefits Improved utilization of a plant’s machinery, fewer bad parts and better overall equipment effectiveness. Also, because it is specifically tailored to small processors, the software is less expensive than more extensive products.

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