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Kistler boosts functionality of its cavity-analysis system

Issue: April 2018

ComoNeo Kistler has expanded the capabilities of its ComoNeo hardware and software package for cavity-pressure-based analysis, optimization and monitoring of the injection molding process. Featuring as many as 32 inputs for piezoelectric cavity pressure sensors, up to 16 inputs for temperature measurements and four analog voltage inputs for machine signals, the system automatically detects faulty parts. All collected data can be stored in the central ComoDataCenter database for further analysis.

What’s new? Version 2.1.0, which has new functionality, including model-based prediction of component quality based on specified tolerances. The new version also can be used to control multi-component and resin-transfer molding processes.

Benefits Integrated quality monitoring for increased efficiency, fewer rejects, reduced costs and higher-quality injection molded parts.

Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, N.Y., 716-691-5100, www.kistler.com