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Keyence flow meter boasts clamp-on mounting

Issue: November 2017

FD-R This new flow meter from Keyence can simultaneously monitor the flow and temperature of a wide variety of liquids, including water, deionized water, oil and chemicals, and is compatible with pipes made from stainless steel, iron, copper and plastic. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, the device has IP65/67 and IP69K ratings for water- and dust-resistance. The FD-R comes in four sizes to fit pipes with diameters ranging from 1.5 inches to 8 inches. Applications include processing machines, chillers, cooling towers, furnaces, mixers and wastewater systems.

What’s new? The flow meter.

Benefits Fast, inexpensive installation of the meter without the need for special tools, cutting the pipe or shutting down equipment. The external, clamp-on mounting makes it easy for users to install the lightweight device correctly every time. Also, the FD-R continuously tests various ultrasonic frequencies and selects the signal that travels through the pipe, liquid and any build-up with the least amount of signal loss.

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