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Hopper cart motorized, safe

Issue: July 2018

Hopper cart Magline’s motorized hopper cart moves bulky and oversized loads weighing up to 750 pounds both indoors and out at speeds of up to 3 miles per hour. Industrial applications include warehouse tasks and transporting scrap or waste. The company offers three different tub sizes and wheel options, so the cart can be customized for specific jobs. Drive wheel options include maintenance-free foam-filled tires and pneumatic tires with different types of treads. The cart’s batteries charge in three to six hours and provide six hours of continuous use or nine hours or more of intermittent use. Its propulsion system features regenerative braking, which slows down the load when the operator cuts back on the variable-speed throttle, even on inclined surfaces. When the operator releases the throttle, the parking brake automatically engages.

What’s new? The cart. Part of a new product line from Magline, the cart is among the first motorized industrial products in the company’s portfolio.

Benefits Safe, quiet and easy transport of heavy loads. Also, the electric propulsion system doesn’t require operator certification.

Magline Inc., Standish, Mich., 989-512-1000, www.magliner.com