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Heater has improved life cycle

Issue: June 2018

Housed cartridge barrel heater APSX’s new product can be used as a replacement for conventional band heaters on injection molding machine barrels. The company has created an aluminum housing for a cartridge heater, which decreases heat loss, and requires no thermocouples.

What’s new? The housed heater. Since March, new APSX-PIM IMM desktop-sized horizontal injection molding machines come with the unit, and the company also offers it as a simple retrofit for existing machines. It plans to offer more sizes for use on full-size production presses.

Benefits Increased durability and life cycle of the heater. The housing decreases energy use and shields workers from direct contact with the heating element. The barrel heater’s price is comparable to a conventional band heater with an internal thermocouple.

APSX LLC, Blue Ash, Ohio, 513-716-5992, www.apsx.com