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Grieve oven handles high load capacity

Issue: June 2018

No. 895 This top-loading oven from Grieve has a maximum operating temperature of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and is used for curing composite materials in large molds. It features lncoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements, and a 10-horsepower recirculating blower provides 12,500 cubic feet 
per minute of horizontal airflow.

What’s new? Its size. The No. 895 is built to cure composite materials in very large molds.

Benefits High load capacity — up to 4,000 pounds. Its heavy-duty construction includes a  stainless steel interior and a reinforced steel top plate. Access ports allow the mold to be monitored.

Grieve Corp., Round Lake, Ill., 847-546-8225, www.grievecorp.com