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Firmware boosts BinMaster's acoustic scanner

Issue: February 2018

3DLevelScanner BinMaster has upgraded its acoustic scanner for measuring the volume of bulk solids in silos. For use with plastic pellets, flakes and powders, it is especially useful for determining the volume of materials that pile unevenly due to poor flowability or the locations of the filling and emptying points in the silo.

What’s new? Firmware that allows the device to accurately calculate the volume of material in unusually shaped spaces, such as the wedge-shaped segments of a divided silo; the scanner also can be used in conventional round silos. The 3DLevelScanner takes multiple measurements to map the surface of the material, and factors in the radius and height of the segment being measured to determine the volume.

Benefits Accurate inventory data. Also, the scanner detects material buildup on silo walls, so it can be accounted for in inventory and addressed by maintenance personnel, if needed.

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