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Faro rolls out entry-level portable arm for metrology

Issue: January 2019

Quantum E FaroArm Faro has expanded its line of portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arms, which can be used for a range of tasks, including quality control, CAD-based inspection and rapid prototyping, with this budget-conscious model. It has seven axes of motion and can be used to measure workpieces with both contact probes and a selection of Faro’s laser line probes, including the FAROblu and FARO Prizm. Here the Quantum E FaroArm is shown with a FAROblu laser line probe and the optional eight-axis turntable.

What’s new? The entry-level CMM arm.

Benefits Cost effectiveness and convenience. The portable arm is easy to set up and convenient to move among locations. Hot-swappable batteries allow prolonged use without external power, and the addition of the optional eight-axis turntable speeds measurement.

Faro Technologies Inc., Lake Mary, Fla., 407-333-9911, www.faro.com