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Eriez system removes metal contamination

Issue: January 2018

Double Team magnetic separator/metal detector Created to offer maximum protection against ferrous and nonferrous metal, the latest Double Team system from Eriez consists of its Magnetic Grate-In Housing and an Xtreme Gravity Drop metal detector. The magnet removes ferrous contamination from colorants and additives, while the metal detector identifies and automatically rejects nonmagnetic tramp metals, including aluminum and stainless steel.

What’s new? The Double Team configuration of the Magnetic Grate-In Housing and Xtreme Gravity Drop metal detector, which previously were only available as separate, stand-alone machines.

Benefits Space savings, lower costs, ease of installation and quality of parts. Because the Double Team machines come as a single integrated unit, it takes up less space, is cheaper and easier to install, and keeps parts free of metal contaminants.

Eriez, Erie, Pa., 814-835-6000, www.eriez.com