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Dynisco melt-flow indexer gains new touch screen, removable plate

Issue: October 2018

LMI5500 Dynisco’s newest melt-flow indexer has been designed to make it easy for operators to determine the melt-flow characteristics of specimens. With it, users can see how the samples’ rheological properties change throughout the production process.

What’s new? Use of a removable inspection plate and an upgraded touch screen. In addition, the new indexer boasts a feature that compensates for gravitational differences in geographical locations.

Benefits Accurate rheological data. Equipped with a touch screen and built-in WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities, the LMI5500 is easy to use and clean. It’s also compact, with a footprint that’s 3.5 inches narrower than the previous version.

Dynisco, Franklin, Mass., 508-541-9400, www.dynisco.com