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DP's CAD/CAM software improves machining

Issue: November 2017

Esprit 2017 DP Technology’s CAD/CAM software can help mold makers plan and optimize processes such as milling, turning and Swiss-style machining.

What’s new? The latest version of the software, which was released in May. Improved algorithms power a number of new features, including three-axis steep/shallow milling for machining complex parts, intelligent stock management, five-axis swarf machining and precise tool positioning along lathe contours.

Benefits Easier, faster machining, improved automation and enhanced user control. Compared with prior versions, Esprit 2017 delivers improved automation and more processing power to mold makers. It recognizes more details inside complex holes to increase automation and offers support for pocketing on open profiles. Thanks to an increase in processing power, it also computes in-process stock models in seconds rather than minutes, and its enhanced ProfitMilling functionality provides better chip evacuation and coolant access, as well as smoother control of machine acceleration.

DP Technology Corp., Camarillo, Calif., 805-388-6000, www.espritcam.com