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Diversified Product's lift table boasts adjustable range

Issue: October 2017

LiftMaster 4000 Diversified Product’s lifting table was created to lift or lower a variety of parts, molds, tooling and other items to make it easier to repair or service them. The user simply pumps the handle to raise the table (27 inches high when fully extended, with a 2-ton load capacity) or pulls a lever on the handle to allow gravity to lower it (8.5-inch minimum height, with a 2,600-pound load capacity). It safely can be used in tight spaces thanks to its compact frame, swivel wheels in front and back, and locking rear casters. Several options are available, including an attachment that makes it easier to lift specific items and a bellows that helps lower items more safely. The LiftWise brand is marketed by Diversified Product Development.

What’s new? The lift table, which was introduced during the summer.

Benefits The ability to inspect and work on a variety of parts at the most convenient height.

Diversified Product Development, Waco, Texas, 254-757-1177, www.lift-wise.com