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Creform debuts parts-handling system

Issue: December 2017

Parts-handling system Using one automated guided vehicle (AGV) and six customized parts-handling carts, Creform Corp. designed a complete parts-handling system for a supplier of injection molded automotive parts. The BST AGV Model CA-A50060-NSI makes a circuit by following a magnetic tape guide path. When a cart is filled, the AGV, towing an empty cart, pushes the full cart until it can lock the empty cart into the vacated loading position. The AGV then takes the full cart to a station to be unloaded, hitches itself to the next empty cart, and moves to where it will wait for the next sequence to begin. Equipment options include an opportunity charging system to minimize manual battery changes, and radio communication to integrate into a traffic control system.

What’s new? The customization of the parts-handling system.   

Benefits Workers are freed from parts-transportation tasks once the sequence is programmed.

Creform Corp., Greer, S.C., 800-839-8823, www.creform.com