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Columbus McKinnon limit switch is now standard on hoists

Issue: December 2017

Hoists Columbus McKinnon has upgraded its Yale Global King and Shaw-Box World Series wire-rope hoists. Designed for heavy-duty applications, the product lines include lifts with capacities from 1 ton to 20 tons, and lengths up to 60 feet. The hoists can be configured with special control options and features for use in hazardous environments. Built to provide long life, fast lifting speeds and precise positioning control, the Global King and World Series hoists feature two-speed motors and oil-bath-lubricated, triple-reduction gearing.

What’s new? A block-operated, upper control-circuit limit switch is now standard equipment; previously, the limit switch was an option. The new switch is in addition to the upper and lower geared control-circuit limit switches that had been standard on the hoists.

Benefits Improved safety with no added cost. If the primary limit switches fail for any reason, the upper block limit switch stops the hoist’s hook from running into the hoist frame.

Columbus McKinnon Corp., Getzville, N.Y., 716-689-5400, www.cmworks.com