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Cognex controller system simplifies tracking

Issue: January 2018

Explorer RTM Controller Cognex has updated the capabilities of its Real Time Monitoring (RTM) software and RTM Controller, which can now collect data from up to 20 of its DataMan barcode readers, aggregate it and display it in more useful ways. Designed for factory automation and logistics operations, its web-based browser allows users to track data from a range of smart devices or external displays.

What’s new? Easy-to-use dashboards that simplify tracking performance and analyzing metrics. Heat maps can track changes in position of barcodes, identify anomalies and point to obstructions that cause reading issues.

Benefits Improved efficiency and quality control. The system tracks read rates in real time, identifies declining code quality and triggers maintenance work to correct quality issues before they cause problems downstream. It supports smart factory and Industry 4.0 environments.

Cognex Corp., Natick, Mass., 855-426-4639, www.cognex.com