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Cleaning unit handles large hot runners

Issue: January 2019

MaxiClean Schwing’s pyrolysis system is designed especially for tackling the cleaning challenges associated with molding with glass-fiber-
reinforced polyamide. It can accommodate large hot runners and hot-runner distributors. The process takes four to eight hours.

What’s new? Industry 4.0 capabilities. New and improved components include a touch panel with increased dimensions — from 5.7 inches to 7 inches — and network connections, as well as revised error monitoring, internal data connection for data mining, digital system documentation in the Schwing cloud, electronic flow measurement for catalyst supply air and a process signal light. The company released the upgrades in the summer and will retrofit older models at its facility in Germany.

Benefits Safe, effective, environmentally conscious cleaning, even of parts with glass-fiber contamination or difficult-to-clean features, such as long, internal flow chambers. Equipped with a new screen, MaxiClean also is easy to understand.

Schwing Technologies GmbH, Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, 49-2845-930-121, www.schwing-technologies.com